Elwha Peaks Cannabis is OPEN | Port Angeles Washington

In the creation of Elwha Peaks Cannabis, our team was not only dedicated to high-quality products but strong community relationships. Within the relationships that we build with those around us, we are determined to provide outstanding education as it pertains to cannabis and the many benefits associated with its use. Whether you have a basic understanding of what cannabis can offer, or have room to learn, Elwha Peaks is here as a resource to you!


Located on the Olympic Peninsula, west of Port Angeles, Elwha Peaks operates in accordance with an inter-governmental Marijuana Compact between the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and the State of Washington, acting through its Liquor & Cannabis Board in accordance with its authority under I-502. Elwha Peaks is wholly owned by the Tribe, which allocates all revenues from Elwha Peaks to support infrastructure, healthcare, education, economic development and employment for the betterment of the Tribe, its community and membership.



Operations Director

Nathan started as a Budtender at a Cannabis retail shop in 2014. On opening day, he set the goal to become a Medical Cannabis Consultant so he could help people. The business was small, with only five employees, one farm, and seven strains. Over time, it grew to a team of thirty-five employees and added a second location where Nathan helped with training and managing.

Nathan went from having his Bud Tender Certification to obtaining his Medical Consultant Certification from Seattle Central College, becoming one of the first Medical Consultants on the Peninsula. 

Now employed by the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, this position has provided Nathan with an opportunity to help create something the community can be proud of through knowledge and experience. 

"My devotion to my career and being able to see how much I am improving people's lives is what gives me the pride and happiness to live each day fully and appreciate my profession."




Store Manager​

Shug is a profound supporter of the local community in which she serves. Her roots had her born and raised here in the city of Port Angeles for most of her younger life. As a young adult she ventured out as far as Texas to see what the world had to offer, but her love for the Pacific Northwest and its people always brought her back home. 

Shug has been an avid supporter of recreational and medical cannabis after seeing the positive effects that the medicine had on not only herself but close family members and friends. Her work history is as vast as it is expansive. But one thing is for sure: she loves her job! Shug came to Elwha Peaks with years of experience in customer service, team management, and over 15 years in product experience.

"One of my main goals is to create an environment that my team members love to be a part of, that helps our community thrive. I want to help change the culture of Cannabis and the negative connotation surrounding it. The fact that I get to work for the community I grew up in, is just the cherry on top! My specialty is people and I'm here to help! I cannot wait to do my part to help the Lower Elwha Tribe not only succeed but flourish!"





Born and raised in Rome, Italy, and New York City, Adam has had the chance to travel the world since he was a child. The opportunity to explore relationships with lands and cultures distinct from my own has given Adam a deep appreciation for diversity and community.

"Cannabis has played a strong role in my life. This wonderful plant allows me to focus and heal, depending on what I need from her."

Adam has been in the Cannabis Industry since 2014 and is happy to now be part of a team that is dedicated to bringing the healing power of Cannabis to our community.


"Our mission at Elwha Peaks is a simple one: We aim to improve people's lives. Working with local farms and processors, we are able to carry the finest products made right here on the Peninsula. Sourcing from premium companies across the state, we have provided the local community with the best Washington has to offer."

In his free time, Adam enjoys hiking, biking, martial arts, playing drums/bass/guitar. He is always surrounded by animals and is also learning to fly single-engine airplanes.

Adam Dewey_Elwha Peaks Cannabis_Port Angeles Washington



Lead Supervisor

George is the Lead Budtender at Elwha Peaks Cannabis. George was drawn to Cannabis since he was 16 when he first got his Medical Marijuana Card, when he quickly realized the many great properties Cannabis has to offer. 

George began working in the industry in 2019, working part-time as a Budtender. After only three weeks he was offered the Sales Manager position, which he eagerly accepted. After the promotion, George realized he had a certain skill and personality that fit in with this field, on top of his love for Cannabis!


"A big reason cannabis is so important to me is due to my mother being a cancer survivor. She was on a ton of different prescription pills, but there were always side effects. So she started using cannabis and realized the drastic positive change it had on her body and mood in comparison to pharmaceuticals."



Lead Supervisor

Ryan was born in Southern California, but made his way to the Pacific Northwest and set his roots here in the state of Washington. He has three years of experience in the cannabis industry and a background in customer service and administrative roles.

As a lead here at Elwha Peaks, I hope to bring not only the gift of cannabis but also knowledge to those who seek it, whether it be for medical use or just a pleasant experience. 


"Witnessing the miracles of cannabis has not only impacted my life personally but has also motivated me to focus on gaining knowledge specifically to de-stigmatize cannabis myths."


When Ryan isn't in the shop, you can find me anywhere outdoors with his family hiking, camping, fishing, bike riding or just simply enjoying the wonderful views that Port Angeles has to offer. He's also known for his authentic and homemade Mexican/Puerto Rican cooking!

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