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420 is Upon Us!

First off let me just say if you haven't noticed, we are located at the gateway to the Olympic National Park. One thing that brings is a lot of outdoors adventurers, hikers and explorers of the rainforest. Beach combers need fuel.

No one does sativa like Foemina. Grown under the strict guidelines and expectations of House of Cultivar, Foemina is only Sativa. With landrace genetics curated specifically for this endeavor, Foemina ensures the sativa is of the purest lineage we have seen in the commercial market. Columbia Gold, Grapefruit and Dread Bread that literally makes you gag from the pungent chemical aroma.

Blueberry Yum Yum! Luda rejoices! The Yum has shocked us with a terp profile that smells and tastes of the sweetest blueberry. Each time I open a bag of Foemina, I am greeted with craft, purpose and the softest nugs I have ever felt. Moist but cured, the structure is what you would expect of a top-notch slice of rocket fuel.

Not only are these easily $45 eighths, but they are normally only $30 everyday at Peaks. But welcome to a path of discovery because you too can try Blueberry Yum Yum, for the low price of $21!

We thought it would be cool was to give you a few recommendations from each budtender. A couple of products they want you to try while you have such deep discounts! So I'll go first:

Leif's Picks:

-Grind House Exotics baby! If you havent seen the last post then be sure to check it out. I will say now that I have had some time with each of them the standouts are Cadillac Rainbows, Ice 101 #3 Which had a surprising nose and an incredibly deep relaxation. Oh, and Bolo Runtz!

-Desert Valley, I still love you; I just wanted that Cap Junky that stuck to my fingers! Check out them and Dungeness Dank! Grandpa's RPG is the truth.


John says you need to check out.

-K-Savage and I highly agree. That Swiss Watch (Gary Peyton x Runtz) was a sleeper. Every jar of K-Savage aims to please and delivers every time. Some of the finest around and it's yours for $31.50.

-Treedom has the same regard in our shop as K-Savage. With some deep cuts like 9lb Hammer and rare ones too with Cap Junky, Treedom's full flower pre-rolls are the perfect companion on a quick walk on the Spruce Railroad Trail.


-Plaid Jacket Melted Diamonds + HTE Cart @ $35! just in and it sure is a pretty color.

-House of Cultivar Grand Cru 1/4's for $52.50 and HOC Black Label 1/8ths for $21, $30 every other day.


-Khush Kush is the go-to flower for Nick and he encourages us all to try it and at this amazing price point of $28 a 1/8th, it will be hard to pass.

-Fruit Slabs for edibles. Vegan, "just fruit!" said Nick as I wrote his response lol.

-Dewey Rosin is a must see!


-Clandestine all day. But all these customers should check out Cloud 9 for sure today!

-Dewey needs no help selling or noticing the quality. But Randy is correct for reminding us.


-Plaid Jacket Carts

-Treedom, big believers here we told ya!

Just take the chance and grab something you never expected to try. Or the strain that's had your eye for a while. That is the joy of 420. It is a day of exploration and being present in the moment. Live a little and join us on 420 at Elwha Peaks!

We will have High Eagle on the 1's & 2's. We will have some of the best BBQ you could imagine. Canna Organics will be in the house, and many more from 12 noon to 4pm. Come in and say hello, get some food and see why our last stop before the park, us such a special stop to us.

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