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For the Love of Weed: Donkey Butter

Today we're featuring one of our most popular strains⁠, Donkey Butter by Mother Earth Farms. Sitting at only 14% THC this Indica strain is deceptively powerful⁠— it is pungent, it is purple-y, and it packs a punch!

Originally developed by Exotic Genetix, Donkey Butter is a cross between Triple OG and Grease Monkey and lives up to its family names. The most common effects of Donkey Butter as reported by the people imbibing it are that it has a strong sedative effect, making it perfect as a pain reliever or a sleep aid. This strain will be perfect for people who are looking to relax, be it from work, everyday stress, or something more serious like chronic pain or insomnia.

Not only does this cross strain excel in its psychotropic effects, its terpene profile is also sure to satisfy the most discerning noses. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene with traces of limonene and myrcene to round it out. This combination gives users a strong gasoline aroma with notes of citrus.

Mother Earth Farms is a tier 3 cannabis producer from the Olympic Mountains near Port Angeles. Established in 2013, Mother Earth grows in state-of-the-art greenhouses and processes their flower and extracts in a custom built facility, and this clarity of purpose shines through in their final product. This is cannabis by and for cannabis experts.

If you're looking for a top flight Indica strain that will satisfy connoisseurs and party-animals alike, look no further than Mother Earth Farms' Donkey Butter, available in our online store in 1 oz. jars for $150!


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