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Medical Marijuana Can Ease Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Cannabis can be an effective piece of the puzzle of managing multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system of which the scientific community has not yet fully understood the cause, let alone the cure. Because of how little we truly know about this disease, treatment of it boils down to managing pain and reducing the frequency of relapses (MS relapses are also referred to as attacks or flare-ups).

Treatment of this condition requires a diverse approach, doctors will often prescribe a cocktail of drugs to manage severe symptoms like tremors, loss of balance, and loss of control of bladder and bowels. And beyond that a host of lifestyle changes are encouraged, such as eating healthily and including lots of fiber, exercising consistently and punctuating it with plenty of rest, and reducing stress through things like therapy, support groups, and mindfulness practices.

In recent years cannabis has come on the scene as a viable supplementary treatment for MS patients. Little has been proven as to the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment of multiple sclerosis. But then again, little has been proven as to the very nature of the disease itself, and many patients who might never have considered using cannabis under other circumstances are finding themselves drawn to it as a supplement to other more mainstream treatments.

At Elwha Peaks we have a range of CBD-dominant cannabis products that have been reported to ease symptoms and improve quality of life for people suffering from MS. Even if you might be among those who would never have considered cannabis use before the onset of this disease, we hope you might consider letting our staff help you find a product that might ease your pain!


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