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Spooky Treats for Halloween, Peaks Style

We’re getting excited for Halloween this year, and we have an amazing selection of edibles that are perfect for the season – just be sure to keep them separate from the rest of the Halloween

candy! Here are some of our favorite edible (and drinkable) cannabis-infused products that we have in store for you!

These delicious fruit chews come with a variety of flavors in every bag, and you can

choose India or Sativa strains to suit your preferences! Each pack contains 10

individually packaged gummies, each containing 10mg of both THC and CBD. Ceres

Gardens are known for their high-quality and consistent products, and these tasty chews

are no exception!

This is one of our favorites for good reason, Ray’s Infused Lemonade is bursting with

flavor and delivers a euphoric and energetic high. You’ll love the classic lemonade, but

don’t miss their other flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and huckleberry lemonade to

name a few! Be warned– at 100mg a bottle, these drinks pack a punch. So if you don’t

know your limits, sip slowly and see how you feel!

Celebrate pumpkin spice season with these inviting little chocolates! They’re concocted

with a hybrid strain for a balanced buzz, and each serving contains 10mg of THC so you

can choose how high you want to fly! At just $15 a bag, these are quite the steal, keep an

eye out for Emerald Mountains’ other delicious flavors like Lemon Creme and Orange


Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? These are one of our favorites in the

store because there’s just not much out there to compare them to. These delicious

cookies come in packs of 10, with 10mg of THC per cookie. Pro-tip: keep some regular

chocolate chip cookies on hand so you don’t overdo it, they’re that delicious!

Halloween 2022 is shaping up to be the best one we’ve seen in a few years, so remember to

enjoy these treats responsibly and have a great time! Happy Halloween from all of us at Elwha


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