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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: All About Edibles

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we here at Elwha Peaks would like to

acknowledge and bring awareness to the brave warriors fighting this disease daily. The impact of cancer on any individual can be debilitating, mentally and physically exhausting, and cause a host of side effects once cancer treatment has begun. Though research is still too sparse to make a clear and definitive scientific statement, growing belief amongst cancer patients and medical experts have shown cannabis can help ease and assist in a better quality of life. Oncologists are now recommending medical cannabis to their patients to ease side effects of cancer treatment such as loss of appetite, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

At Elwha Peaks Cannabis, our expert Budtenders can help assist in finding the best medical

marijuana to assist in the pain and discomfort associated with the effects of cancer treatment.

However, it is advised to speak with your Oncologist first to see how your palliative care drugs

may interact with cannabis products. Many will recommend the use of edibles for their longer-lasting effects and ability to encourage appetite and assist in pain management. Here are some of our favorite edible products carried at our shop:

While breast cancer can alter a person’s life in so many ways, we are rooting for these brave and courageous individuals. We hope we can offer relief with medical cannabis. Please visit us at Elwha Peaks Cannabis and let us know if you’ve found it beneficial using edibles in conjunction with your breast cancer treatment!

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