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World Mental Health Day at Elwha Peaks

Today is World Mental Health Day. Here at Elwha Peaks, we truly do care about our customers and their mental health. While cannabis can be taken recreationally, it also has been quite impactful for many of our customers for their mental health.

One customer shared with us that Fairwinds 5:1 Ratio Capsules helps their ADHD tremendously. Another customer takes Double Delicious CBD Quenchers prior to her cancer scans. She said it helps calm her nerves so much. Another client said they really appreciate the ability to laugh after a hard day at work, relaxing with some Lil Ray's Pineapple Lemonade.

Whether it is just working on general mental health or a diagnosed condition, our knowledge

Budtenders are here to help you find what you need - on World Mental Health Day or any other day. We are so proud to serve you. Come see us soon!


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