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For the Love of Weed: Pain Relief with Salvation Topical Cream

Salvation by Verdelux was the winner of the 2019 DOPE Cup, a Seattle-based cannabis product competition put on by DOPE Magazine that is regarded as one of the premier cannabis industry competitions in the country. The competition has featured such celebrity guests as Redman and Adam Dunn and, before COVID-19 interrupted the event, was drawing huge crowds in the Emerald City for years.

This product will give you serious relief! In every 56 gram jar of the stuff you’ll find an even 50-50 representation of THC and CBD (150mg of each, by volume). Topical products with an even ratio have proven themselves to be highly effective, as the THC will target pain while the CBD targets inflammation giving the user the greatest possible relief from pain right at its source.

This is the perfect solution for people who find that cannabis products can relieve their pain symptoms, but who don’t like to feel inebriated, or at least want to remain clear-headed at certain times of the day. Or it can work wonders for those who want to combine topically administered cannabis with other methods of ingestion, like eating or smoking, for local and general relief together can provide a tandem effect that heightens the efficacy of the products.

We recommend this product to anyone who’s curious about how it might benefit them, but especially those in hard labor jobs who want a strong pain reliever without sacrificing mental acuity and reaction time. Of course, always be aware of your employer’s drug policy– it may not be more restrictive than the state law.

Take a look in our online store to learn more.

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